How do I join MakersFinders as a Maker?

Please reach out to [email protected] to express interest. You'll need an invite code to start using the app.

What is an independent Maker and do I qualify?

Being an independent Maker means that you are personally involved in the design and production process. You are probably the founder. Most likely you sell a number of high quality items, as opposed to having a large product catalog.

How can I list my products?

You list your product through the MakersFinders iPhone app. Select the “List item for sale” option when creating a post.

Is there a fee to sell on MF?

There are no transaction fees over Summer 2017.

How will I get paid?

MakersFinders issues weekly payments based on your shipped orders for the week.

How can I specify what to charge customers for shipping?

When you’re uploading an item you can specify shipping costs.

Do you handle drop shipping?


Have other questions? Drop us a line at [email protected]